Credits and Acknowledgements

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management (GLAM) Committee would like to acknowledge the significant contributions from a wide range of individuals and groups in support of the Phase 1 effort (Please refer to List of Contributors for a full list of contributors).

The International Joint Commission provided funding and oversight.

Members of the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board provided oversight and input throughout the process, including through a series of workshops.

The individual technical studies and development of the Decision Support Tool were supported by project leads and contributors from numerous agencies and organizations represented on the GLAM Committee with particular note to Environment and Climate Change Canada and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Many of those technical studies involved additional outreach to countless agencies, organizations and individuals who contributed their perspectives and experiences related to high water impacts. Numerous contractors hired to assist with the technical work provided important deliverables to the effort.

Volunteer members of the Public Advisory Group contributed many hours of their time learning about the system and contributing their knowledge and perspectives on the GLAM Committee’s work. Valuable and constructive feedback was provided by the Independent Review Group, established by the International Joint Commission to review various aspects of the GLAM Committee’s work.

Finally, the GLAM Committee would like to thank science writer Steve Orr, who led the development of this final Phase 1 report.